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Our Brand

What does ahimsa mean?

Ahimsa is the doctrine of non harming any living thing and is the first precerpt of the Yamas, a series of “right living” or ethical rules that offers us guidance, both on and off the mat.  The Eight Limbs of Yoga originate from the ancient Indian philosophical text ‘The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’, constituting the foundations of yoga.

What inspired ahimsa hair care?

I have been a devoted student of the Ashtanga Yoga Method.  Ahimsa is no harm, the driving force in our practice and our daily decisions.  I wanted to transport this gentle notion of no harm “off the yoga mat” and incorporate it into a self care routine that everyone could practice.  Self care is a form of practicing ahimsa and our products are gentle, nourishing, aromatic and are non harming for your hair and body.

How is ahimsa committed to no harm?

Ahimsa committments are stated on our About page.  We are committed to no harm in word, thought or deed.  Our products are made from natural or naturally derived ingredients and we use packaging that is recyclable and reusable where we can.

Is ahimsa just for people who do yoga?

No, ahimsa is for everyone, whether you workout or not.  Yoga is the basis of our brand philosophy of doing no harm.

Where is ahimsa based and where are products manufactured?

Ahmisa was founded and is based in Franklin, TN.  All products are formulated and filled in the state of Tennessee.

Why do I need workout hair care?

When working out, hair ties and sweat are major culprits to hair damage and breakage.  Developing a good hair care routine pre and post work out can be super beneficial to preserving the health of your scalp and hair.  The hair care routine you choose depends on the type (length and texture) of your hair.  Our products are designed to support any routine you choose.   Use Dry Mist Shampoo on the scalp pre work out to curb oil and post work out to refresh without residue or fuss.  Use Leave-in Conditioner pre work out on dry hair (the ends) or post work  after shampoo to hydrate.  If you must wash your hair after each workout, do so with the confidence.  Daily Shampoo and Conditioner will clean without stripping your color, keratin treatments, or drying your hair. To give hair a little oomph after a work out add a little of our Hair and Body Oil Mist to your parched areas for shine and voila! you are good to go.


Our Products

Can I use ahimsa products daily?

Yes, our product formulas are made with gentle, clean, natural and good for hair ingredients that are safe to use daily.

What does 99% derived from natural ingredients mean?

All of our formulations are made from 100% organic, natural or naturally derived ingredients, except for one synthetic ingredient found in our Pre & Post Workout Dry Mist Shampoo.  This is part of our commitment to provide clean, healthy and renewable products.

Do you use sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones or synthetic fragrances in your formulas?

No, ahimsa products are free of ingredients considered not good for hair or the environment.  Please read our blog post about these shampoo ingredients to avoid.

Do you use alcohol in your formulas?

The only alcohol used in our formulas is in the Pre & Post Workout Dry Mist Shampoo.  The ethanol (grain derived) is used to aid drying time and absord excess oil.  All other formulations do not use alcohol.  Cetearyl Alcohol (in both the Post Workout Conditioner and the Pre & Post Workout Leave-in Conditioner) is a fatty alcohol that is used to help soften hair and is not drying. 

What is the fragrance used in your products?

Ahimsa products are fragranced with Jasmine essential oil and natural fragrance.  Jasmine is a floral scent, sensual and rich.  It is considered an aphrodisiac. 

Is using ahimsa safe on my color treated hair?

Ahimsa products are safe for all hair types, including color or chemically treated hair.  Our formulas are natural and made with good for hair ingredients.

Are ahimsa products vegan and cruelty free? Are the products gluten free?

Yes, all of ahimsa’s products are vegan and cruelty free.  It part of our committment to do no harm.

Yes, ahimsa products are gluten free.

Is your packaging recyclable and freindly to the environment?

Our bottles are all made of natural aluminum, both recycable and reusable.  Our pumps and sprayers are made of plastic, but we continue to look for solutions that follow our brand philosphy of no harm.