How to Reduce Your Beauty Environmental Footprint

Dec 6, 2022

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Beauty products, be it cosmetics, skin care and/or hair care are an essential part of everyone’s daily routine.  Products enhance what makes us look and feel beautiful.  The average women uses 12 beauty products on a daily basis.  How do we keep our routines but look toward making choices that are environmentally friendly and sustainable?  It can be difficult to determine and find sustainable packaging choices, but there are steps that can be taken.

Minimize Plastics

Plastics are everywhere in beauty packaging.  Companies use plastic to make fanciful and eye-catching packaging.  But only 9% of plastics used in beauty products are recycled.  Even then, plastics are only able to recycled 2-3 times and they inevitably end up in landfills or the oceans where they can degrade into microplastics.  In the end, one of the best ways to reduce our environmental footprint is to reduce the use of products packaged in plastics.  It would be nearly impossible to eliminate plastics altogether, but finding brands that use metal, glass or other sustainable packaging is an alternative.

Reduce The Products You Use

The average women uses 12 beauty products daily.  It is estimated that over 20% of beauty products are thrown out.  Being aware of using less product is one way to be more sustainable.  What does that look like?  Use products that have multiple uses.  As an example, a tinted lip balm may be used as blush.  Store, seal and keep products per the manufacturer recommendations so that the product can last longer and you can use all of the contents.  Avoid buying more than you need so it does not end up in the trash bin.

Manage Online Orders

We all order online.  What we get is often more plastics and other unwanted and unnecessary packing that ends up in the trash.  Cardboard and paper are typically recycled at a rate of about 70%, so look for companies that ship exclusively in recyclable materials.  Reduce the amount of packaging by ordering more items at one time.  Small efforts can reduce your environmental footprint.

Ahimsa’s Commitment

Ahimsa means no harm.  We take that seriously and although we are a small business, we do our best to bring no harm to our environment.  Our packaging is recyclable and reusable aluminum bottles.  Recycle our bottles by sending sorting and sending them to your local recycling center. A guide to recycling is found here.  Our products do not contain any additional outer packaging to reduce the amount of waste.  We use cardboard boxes, paper tape and kraft paper to wrap and ship orders, all recyclable and reusable.

As a brand, our aim is to embody the meaning of our namesake, ahimsa, inside and out. We will continue to work to reduce our environmental impact where we can, using materials that can be reused and recycled.  You can shop our products here.