Mar 19, 2023

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Ahimsa Haircare Boasts a Range of Targeted Haircare Formulas

 — January 12, 2023 — Fashion

Founded by Vanessa Faddoul, Ahimsa Haircare adheres to the philosophy of doing no harm. This is why the brand uses only ingredients that are natural, safe, and healthy, as well as packaging that is recyclable. The brand also has a targeted approach to its formulas. It offers products that are ideal for active lifestyles—from the Pre & Post Workout Dry Mist Shampoo and the ost Workout Hair & Body Oil Mist to the Post Workout Gentle Daily Shampoo and the Pre & Post Workout Leave-in Conditioner.

By focusing on this niche, Ahimsa Haircare is able to provide impactful solutions for specific issues. The Mist Shampoo, for example, can prepare the scalp and hair for better sweat absorption. It can also reduce moisture, eliminate odor, and refresh the hair when used in the post-workout stages.