Summer Hair Care: Tips to Keep Hair Protected & Nourished

Jun 25, 2024

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Summer Hair Care: Tips & Solutions From Ahimsa

Summer is the time for fun, sun, and some hair woe. With higher temperatures comes a higher potential for sweat, sun damage, and humidity to damage your hair and scalp. Never fear! Proper care and products put you on track to enjoy healthy and beautiful hair all summer long. Learn how Ahimsa helps you tackle common hair troubles during the summer while keeping your locks luscious.

Sweat and Scalp Health: The Summer Hair Struggle

Sweat is a natural process that helps regulate the temperature of our bodies. But as that sweat mixes with the natural oils at the scalp, it facilitates an ideal setting for bacteria and fungi growth, resulting in itching, irritation, and dandruff. In addition, being too sweaty will make hair greasy and flat, looking nowhere near what most of us prize in volume and radiance. Introducing Ahimsa’s Dry Mist Shampoo. Our dry mist shampoo is formulated to absorb that excess oil and sweat, thus refreshing not only your hair but also the scalp, no water needed. Perfect for those hot summer days when you can’t wash your mane every single day. A couple of spritzes on the roots and nape will do the job, and it looks and feels clean, with added volume and freshness.

Sun Protection for Hair

leave-in on the beach

Your hair is at risk of sun damage as your skin. It courses right through the hair shaft, leaving it dry, frizzy, and full of split ends. This is where Ahimsa’s Leave-In Conditioner comes in with Coconut Oil to offer moisture and give maximum protection against UV damage by coating deep into your hair and protecting it from UV rays. All the while, keeping hair soft and shiny without weight.  Apply it daily and when you are about to go out to have soft, shiny, and resilient hair in the harsh summer sun.

Combat Chlorine and Saltwater Damage

Swimming is essential to summer, and chlorine and saltwater really dry out your hair. Ahimsa’s Purifying Shampoo uses willow bark extract to remove harsh chemicals from the hair while it moisturizes and rejuvenates.
The Gentle Daily Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated with 100% natural ingredients, gentle enough to use daily to rejuvenate hair without stripping hair and scalp. They are perfect for ensuring your hair is nourished and protected this summer.

Keep Your Skin Clean & Nourished

Summer activities translate into daily showers, which is where Ahimsa’s Body Wash swings into action. Our body wash is gentle enough for every day; thus, it ensures your skin stays properly hydrated and clean while not stripping it of essential oils. It will leave you refreshed from head to toe by cleaning up the grime and sweat. The Irsh Moss and Indian Gooseberry have antioxidants and nutrients to keep skin soft and healthy.

Additional Summer Hair Tips

Hydrate: Drink enough water to have your hair and scalp hydrated from within.
Cover Up: Use a hat or scarf to protect your hair from the harmful, direct rays of the sun.
Avoid Heat Styling: Go in for natural hairstyles and avoid further damage by heat from styling appliances.
Regular Trims: Stay healthy at the ends with regular trimming to avoid split ends.
At Ahimsa Hair Care, we believe in using natural, cruelty-free ingredients for nourishing and protecting your hair. Our products are designed specifically with the challenges associated with summer and workout hair in mind, so you can enjoy the season without compromising on your locks’ health. Explore our line of dry mist shampoo, leave-in conditioner, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to find your perfect summer hair care routine.
Interested in knowing the real science behind summer hair and why our products really will help? For more information on the science behind summer hair care and the benefits of our products, check out these scientific studies on hair and scalp health and the effects of UV radiation on hair.
Stay cool, be beautiful, and let Ahimsa Hair Care be your summer hair hero!