What is Ahimsa?

Oct 8, 2021

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Ahimsa is an ancient principle associated with Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism that essentially means “do no harm.” In yoga, it is the first Yama, or moral restraint, described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. We believe in practicing ahimsa both on and off a yoga mat, so we built our entire company around it. Let’s look at why we’re called Ahimsa and the ways in which our products align with the concept.

Word, Thought, and Deed

We’ve applied this philosophy to our business and are committed to do as little harm as possible in word, thought, and deed in all of our products and interactions.

We practice ahimsa through word by being honest about our products and ingredients. Our words are commitments that we stick to.

We practice ahimsa through thought by being consciously aware of the environmental impact our product may have and making choices that minimize those impacts, such as choosing a fully recyclable or reusable aluminium bottle and using ingredients that are harvested in a sustainable manner. We are conscious of animals, and use only vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, meaning they are never derived from animal sources and are not tested on animals.

Finally, we practice ahimsa through deed by creating a conscious, non-harming product that will provide our customers with an exceptional experience. Our clean concept means we use natural-origin ingredients with no harmful chemicals that are good for you and good for our planet.

Ahimsa as Self-Care

Ahimsa is often externalized, as we make efforts to not cause harm to others. But it’s important to remember to practice ahimsa with yourself as well! Choosing beauty products that are as healthy as possible is a way to treat yourself with kindness and apply ahimsa to your own body. Knowing that the ingredients you use to touch your hair and skin––the body’s largest organ and first line of immunity––are naturally derived and free of harmful chemicals will enhance your self-care. Fragranced with natural jasmine oil, our products smell absolutely amazing, creating a peaceful and revitalizing experience. Hair health begins at the scalp, and our gentle and nourishing products are designed to keep your scalp healthy and in balance with its natural oils. Practicing ahimsa, even in small ways, means you’re taking care of yourself in a manner that honors the lifestyle you value.

Practicing Ahimsa One Step at a Time

Exploring ways to practice ahimsa in your everyday life is a potentially unending journey as you unravel the myriad implications of every choice––and that can be daunting! Know that it is something to practice, not something anyone can master all at once. Often the practice begins with ahimsa through thought, or conscious awareness. Choosing sustainable and ethical beauty products is an effort that can make a real difference.

As a brand, our aim is to embody the meaning of our namesake, ahimsa, inside and out. From the environmentally friendly packaging to the naturally derived ingredients, our products are designed with the highest ethical standards to keep your hair in harmony.